There were those who whinged about the new Public Holiday in Melbourne, but we here at DoneUndone (one of whom is no longer a shift worker) decided to take full advantage of having Friday off, and headed out on the Thursday night. It was our intention to bring you a bit of a follow-up on a previous post, but things didn’t quite work out as planned, and though the night started out a little disappointing, we made up for it by catching up with some awesome people and having many beers.

Full disclosure: we here at DoneUndone (perhaps as a result of many beers on many occasions) are having a few minor difficulties with making our clothes fit the way they should, and the first snag of the night was a bit of a wardrobe crisis. Yes, we could solve the problem by buying bigger clothes, but then those clothes won’t fit when we lose the extra kilos, so instead we will continue squeezing into clothes that are a tad too snug, and dammit we will make it work! It’s called optimism, folks.

Wardrobe sorted, we decided to give Uber a try for the first time, and we were glad we did. The car was clean, nothing and no one smelled bad, and it ended up being a good fifteen bucks or so cheaper than a taxi. Plus, our driver, Warren, was happy to be a walking (or driving, if you prefer) advertisement for Uber and was happy to give us the rundown on the company. He also gave us the heads-up on the promo code we were about to receive that would make our ride home even cheaper still. But my absolute favourite thing was his throwaway line about Uber’s policy on only hiring drivers from overseas once they’ve been in Australia for two years: “Because then they’re Australian.” Good on you, Warren.

Warren dropped us at The B.East in Brunswick East (and I only this moment got the connection between the name and the suburb), which you may recall we mentioned in our Monday on Lygon post. We were hoping The B.East would be busier on a Thursday than it was on a Monday, and it was, but it wasn’t what we were expecting. While we were expecting a bar with a bit of a hipster vibe, The B.East is more of a restaurant (though still with a hipster vibe). We ordered the poutine (if you’re currently making any link to this and the fact that we are having trouble making our clothes fit, then you can keep it to yourself) and the bartender handed me a table number holder with a picture of Wally from the Where’s Wally? books in place of a number. “But, will they find us?” I asked, to which the bartender responded in complete seriousness, “Yes.” I then explained my joke to him, because that’s what all the cool people do. Right, guys? Right? Moving on.

The poutine was delicious, and the beer was beery, and I had high hopes when I saw that a band was about to start. Until they started playing some kind of folky music that was not at all what I was expecting in a place with such a rock vibe. Also, there were flutes. Not our favourite instrument at the best of times, it really doesn’t go with beer at all.

So we abandoned The B.East and instead headed over to Fitzroy where we had some beers with mates at The Commercial, where we met with our second wardrobe dilemma for the night when Mandy discovered that it wasn’t quite sandal weather. Fortunately, one of our awesome friends lent her a pair of socks and she was able to both have warm feet and set a new fashion trend (Grandpa chic – perfect with shorts for the summer) and we were all set to head to The Old Bar. Where we discovered, just as we had had enough and were ready to head home, that The Old Bar was exactly what we had been hoping for when we headed out.

Not to worry though, because we topped off what turned out to be a great night with souvas and potato cakes (quit your judging!) from Souvlaki King, and all was right with the world.