New Melbourne kool thangs, BATZ, took to the stage at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar last Friday to launch their new single to their newest camp of fans. Having wowed crowds with their Kingswood support in recent months, the joint was 100% sold out with punters wanting to catch a glimpse of their new local favourites. The BATZ legends themselves were in attendance early to support their supports, which is always inspiring to see, and the opening acts didn’t disappoint. Dada Ono and China Beach held their own and we’re keen to see them again real soon.

BATZ took the stage to a full to the brim band room, choked with smoke from an overzealous smoke wizard. They played a tight yet energetic set, proving that their time touring with fellow Melburnites Kingswood was very well spent. The new single, Gameshow Queen, is a beauty even if there was an unintentional false start on the night. Lead singer, Christina Aubry, may have given herself away by saying that she had had a little too much to drink in celebration and simultaneously asking for more shots for the rest of the band.

Aubry is the total package for what any punter wants in a lead vocalist. Punchy, raw, take-no-shit and and channeling Chrissy Amphlett, she is quite the focal point for a band that is all round kicking arse/goals and even if she wanted to share the limelight with the 4 other members of the band, your eyes can’t help but be held in awe of her stage presence.

Asking the crowd what they’d like to hear for an encore, they were responded to with resounding applause for the new song, which is fronting their highly anticipated 2nd EP, due out soon. We’re keen to hear more from these guys, and look forward to sharing more of their adventures and an interview with you soon.


photos: Stephen Boxshall