Back in March, we here at DoneUndone were lucky enough to catch Batz supporting Kingswood at 170 Russell. We hadn’t seen them play before, and they certainly captured our attention. Their energy was electric, and singer Christina Aubry was like a young Chrissy Amphlett, completely dominating the stage. We were lucky enough last Friday to be able to send Stephen Boxshall along to their gig at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, and they’ve even been kind enough to answer a few questions for us. 

1. If you could only tell us one thing about the band, what would it be?

Secretly we are all vampires.

2. Now what else would you like to tell us about yourselves?

We look just as good as how hard we work. We’re punk on the streets and disco in the sheets. We got plenty of songs in the kitty so expect to hear our name around town a lot more in the future. Fear the machine, praise the Batz.

3. How long has the band been together? Where did you all meet?

We are 1.5 years old. coming into our terrible twos. Look out! We all met on the dance floor one fateful evening at the local disco and, after an extensive boogie, decided to start a punk band.

4. If you were describing your music to someone who had never heard it, how would you do it?

I always tell people we are what would happen if the cramps and the B52s had a baby that was raised by Karen O
(Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

5. Who have you been inspired by?

We draw inspiration from anywhere we can. 60s surf rock, garage music, pop, dance, art, rain, food and walking home alone.

6. Who are you listening to?

Absolutely obsessed with ESG right now. check out the song ‘dance’. it’s out of control. The Lemon Twigs are ripping. Cigarettes After Sex , Romeo Void, Deap Vally, Teeth & Tongue, Destrends oh my god I could go on forever.

7. Despite the boys in the band outnumbering the girls, when we saw you the girls were front
and centre and really driving the energy – is this a conscious decision or a naturally occurring

This is a result of the power and energy we draw from each other. Chrissy is up front leading us head first into the set, carving a path with her deranged energy. And Dali is guiding me, Josh and Jake with her steady rhythms on the bass. She’s my rock when it comes to live shows. If I’m lost I’ll look to her. So does Jake. And Josh holds us all up with his hard-hitting, 4-2-tha-floor. So naturally the girls have gravitated to the center of the stage.

8. What’s your favourite Melbourne venue, either to play at, or just to hang out in?

We love playing Rod Laver. It’s a bit small though. We always have to put on two or three nights so everyone can get a chance to see us. As for rancho relaxo hanging we love Rooks, Joes Shoe Store, The Labour, Amarillo.

9. You’re one of the artists currently on triple j Unearthed (and totally killing it from the looks of
things). What would you say has been the best platform so far for getting yourselves and your
music out there?

The best platform has always been the stage for us. After shows we get this wonderful whirlwind of compliments and kudos. It’s a shame that sometimes we’re too buzzed from the show to take a moment to fully appreciate all the love we receive but by no means does it go unnoticed either. Triple J unearthed has been really helpful and we are very grateful, community radios are awesome as well they really are a great platform to get your music out there!

10. Tell our readers how they can hear/see you!

You can find us on facebook for more shows. Instagram @batzband for all our captured moments. And you can search us on all the platforms for our music. Yeah!

Batz are:

Christina Aubry

Dali Platt

Jakob Kagan

Jim Stirton

Joshua Aubry

You can check out our review and photos here: HERE

Words and Interview: Claire Watt

Images: © Stephen Boxshall/Rag and Bone Photography

New Melbourne kool thangs, BATZ, took to the stage at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar last Friday to launch their new single to their newest camp of fans. Having wowed crowds with their Kingswood support in recent months, the joint was 100% sold out with punters wanting to catch a glimpse of their new local favourites. The BATZ legends themselves were in attendance early to support their supports, which is always inspiring to see, and the opening acts didn’t disappoint. Dada Ono and China Beach held their own and we’re keen to see them again real soon.

BATZ took the stage to a full to the brim band room, choked with smoke from an overzealous smoke wizard. They played a tight yet energetic set, proving that their time touring with fellow Melburnites Kingswood was very well spent. The new single, Gameshow Queen, is a beauty even if there was an unintentional false start on the night. Lead singer, Christina Aubry, may have given herself away by saying that she had had a little too much to drink in celebration and simultaneously asking for more shots for the rest of the band.

Aubry is the total package for what any punter wants in a lead vocalist. Punchy, raw, take-no-shit and and channeling Chrissy Amphlett, she is quite the focal point for a band that is all round kicking arse/goals and even if she wanted to share the limelight with the 4 other members of the band, your eyes can’t help but be held in awe of her stage presence.

Asking the crowd what they’d like to hear for an encore, they were responded to with resounding applause for the new song, which is fronting their highly anticipated 2nd EP, due out soon. We’re keen to hear more from these guys, and look forward to sharing more of their adventures and an interview with you soon.


photos: Stephen Boxshall