Some time ago I was in a facebook group with other photographers of varying skill, where we attempted to take 52 self portraits – one a week for a year. I got about half way through. Which will surprise exactly no one. However, I completely loved the group of people and the challenge – I just had some personal set backs that made everything go on the backburner. I disappeared off facebook and pretty much stopped doing photography. In fact, the only time I really used my camera during that time was for self portraiture. I may not have been in the group anymore, but I still had some ideas churning and I tried to explore them. They were mostly pretty dark conceptually, but some of them are still some of my favourites.

So, to now… I realised that while I adore shooting live music, and is something I want to continue to do for a very long time, it doesn’t afford a great deal of creativity. I still feel a pull to creating self portraits as a form of therapy and ultimate expression. So I started a new group. It’s in it’s early stages – and I admit I’m not up to date. But I’ve started and I’ll take my time to get through it and do it justice.

Here is photo number one and the caption that went with it.
Theme: Face. (introduce yourself)



Hi. You pretty much all know me. Most of you know that I wear my heart on my sleeve, and many of you will know by now that I use my photography (especially self portraiture) as a form of therapy.

So here’s a thing about me… I’m getting more vain the older I get. I feel sexier than I ever have before. I feel a confidence I’ve never known before. Society doesn’t really like women admitting that they’re vain, they just expect women to look after themselves and look good and be humble. And then try and tear them down if they happen to step outside the expected norms.

Selfies get a bad rap. But I’m a big fan, and not just because I use them as therapy. Who else is going to take my photo if I don’t? One day in the future I won’t be here anymore, but my photos will. I hope my kids enjoy looking through the boxes of printed photos, and the hard drives of non printed one, sifting through the crap, finding something that makes their heart sing. That they can say “OMG look at Mum when she was 37! SHE HAD PINK HAIR!”

This is me. I’ll keep shining in ways that suit me, and me only. As my sister said about me once … I love a selfie.