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How not to be an asshole in the audience (OR What I learned at a Ryan Adams concert)

Last Thursday night at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre saw two amazing artists take the stage: folk-pop chanteuse Jenny Lewis in support of the genre-trekking Ryan Adams. On the bill for Splendour...

La Bastard LIVE

It’s not really very fun to head into the night in Melbourne in Winter, but it is always very fun to head out to see La Bastard play. This homegrown...

La Bastard LIVE gallery

La Bastard, 4th July 2015 at the Post Office Hotel. (All photos by Mandy Campbell.) READ OUR REVIEW HERE Click on thumbnails for full size images.

First Aid Kit LIVE [from the vault]

First Aid Kit first came into my consciousness through a couple of covers – firstly through Kingswood covering ‘Wolf‘, and then through First Aid Kit themselves covering Jack White’s ‘Love...

TV On The Radio LIVE

Earlier this month I was able to shoot and be mesmerised by TV On The Radio live here at the Forum in Melbourne. Not knowing much about them or their...

Kingswood and My Echo LIVE gallery

Kingswood and My Echo, 7th June 2015 at Melbourne Public. (All photos by Mandy Campbell.) Click on thumbnails for full size images.

Kingswood at Melbourne Public

Let’s get this one thing out of the way to begin with: we here at DoneUndone LOVE Kingswood. Not in a creepy, stalky kind of way – well, maybe a...

Self Portraiture Challenge

Some time ago I was in a facebook group with other photographers of varying skill, where we attempted to take 52 self portraits – one a week for a year....

A Long Held Travel Wish

More than ten years ago now, I decided I wanted to go to Iceland based on a poster I saw in a few places around London. Photographs are the basis...

Baby Animals/The Superjesus – She Who Rocks

Recently I had the very distinct pleasure of photographing some of Australia’s rock’n’roll queens; Suze DeMarchi from the Baby Animals and Sarah McLeod from The Superjesus as they headlined the...