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BATZ [live at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar] 14/07/17

New Melbourne kool thangs, BATZ, took to the stage at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar last Friday to launch their new single to their newest camp of fans....

Cherry Rock 017

Melbourne’s iconic Cherry Rock festival was held again this year, for the 11th year. Held at Cherry Bar in AC/DC lane, it’s a seething mess of bodies, booze and bloody...

The Kills LIVE at Forum Melbourne

As chicks, it’s pretty safe to say that we are drawn to chicks being grouse and playing music while they are doing it. Whilst I was originally drawn to The...

Songs to Bring you Undone (Part 1)

It isn’t exactly a revelation to say that music can invoke strong emotions. It can lift your mood when you’re feeling down, or keep you down when you’re already there...

A (Plastic) Love(less) Letter from Adalita

Sixteen years ago, the DoneUndone team were dancing to Magic Dirt’s ‘Dirty Jeans’ on a Thursday night at Goo – Metro’s alternative night. By then, Magic Dirt had already been...

Music and Politics – Eagles of Death Metal and gun worship

Music and politics have gone hand in hand since the birth of time. I grew up listening to Joan Baez and Bob Dylan – their passionate anti-war prose being my...

Cherry Sunday with Diva Demolition

Is there anything as quintessentially Melbourne as Cherry Bar? Situated in ACDC Lane, a laneway off a laneway, everything from its grungy interior to its notice at the door proclaiming,...

Thursday on Beers

There were those who whinged about the new Public Holiday in Melbourne, but we here at DoneUndone (one of whom is no longer a shift worker) decided to take full...

Winter Blues Fest

I didn’t know what to expect from Echuca’s Winter Blues Fest. Firstly, I’d never really been to Echuca. Secondly, everything I know about blues I learned from repeated viewing of...

Winter Blues Fest Gallery

Winter Blues Fest, 24th-26th July 2015 Echuca. (All photos by Mandy Campbell.) Click on thumbnails for full size images.